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Hello, thanks for this very nice remake!

It seems that it there is a "sprite" issue on latest pico-8 version 0.2.5: in this version the platform&door are not visible.
Works perfectly in 0.2.4c still.

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This problem it still there in Pico-8 v0.2.6 :-(.
It seems that it first occured in v0.2.5d
(i.e. it works in v0.2.5c, but NOT in v0.2.5d)

Hello lovely Nebulous programmer. Would you able to upload an Windows Executable, please?

As a longtime Nebulus fan: wonderful!

A couple of suggestions:

1) have last completed tower set as default in level selection: after losing third life, one wants to come back to game as soon as possible but it's not easy to remember pressing 'right' N times to get to last tower...

2) (more difficult I suppose) some way to start from last tower, even after game/emulator is rebooted? (e.g. level password)


How are you applying the CRT effect to the pico-8 browser embed? The github looks like it's written in C, not anything compatible with the javascript pico-8 produces


I ported MattiasG's excellent CRT effect to webgl. Here's the pico-8 "plate" (HTML template) from the original conversion. (some touchups may be needed for the latest pico8 version). On Chrome you can right click on the game embedded above and choose "View frame source" too.

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Pico-8 should have an option to quickly switch to x2<->x1 display resolution, and a way for programmers to automatically set this option when starting a game...

Someone asked Pico-8's author about this feature request?

(Amazing work BTW! Thank you!)

Controlling resolution from lua would be more convenient for sure. I get the impression the hi-res mode was intended to be just a novel undocumented easter egg rather than a seriously supported feature; in one version Zep actually removed it completely from html exports! I was very grateful when he was receptive to adding it back in the next version. :)

Maybe if more people make multi-display carts it might become higher priority? (Writing carts to use it does add another level of complexity though, and can require 2x or 4x CPU compared to a single display cart, so it's not always feasible).

amazing game, has a "troll" side to it that may be frustrating to some, but once you accept the fact and treat the game as an adventure it becomes super fun. Got to the third tower

This is so great, congrats. Interesting that you use this pico8 gfx mode. First time I see a game using it.

This is amazing, remember playing it on the spectrum originally. This is such a polished version

This is THE BEST port/game i've seen for PICO-8!

This is really good! You did a fantastic job on this remake

Fantastic remake.  I'm always amazed by these Pico-8 remakes.  Really well done.

Holy moly - this is wonderful! ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿ‘Œ
I was excited to play this when it was "teased" and my goodness - it looks and sounds just as incredible in person.  Hard as nails, but that's expected - just like the classic! ๐Ÿ˜…

Excellent use of PICO-8's (undocumented) multi-display feature to achieve wide-pixels. Also absolutely lovin' the integrated use of Mattias' CRT filter (I may have to "borrow" that some day! ๐Ÿ˜)

Congrats on making probably the best "8-bit" version of this game I've ever seen. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿค“